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Planning pathways to the future

It's through aligning innovative ideas with the needs of our clients that we create dynamic solutions to accommodate future growth and change. Taking into account the selection of a site, the environmental accountability, and design flexibility, we incorporate the needs of both our client and their community, revitalizing an area for commercial, private, and government use.

Our planners deliver innovative solutions that support sustainable change, which ensures that our solutions are economically viable while being socially and environmentally responsive for the future. Our work adheres to planning best practices across a wide range of urban project types and disciplines. BSSW creates immediate and long-term value by providing a comprehensive understanding of the connections between an organization's strategic goals and it's relationship to the surrounding environment. To do this, our team objectively assesses the ways in which an organization's assets may best be utilized to support its mission, vision, and values.

We offer planning and strategies for educational spaces, government facilities, libraries, urban corridors and more. In each of these areas, we are committed to sustainability and absorbing our client's vision of the future while also encouraging innovation and ensuring the greatest return on capital investments.

Architectural Programming

Elegantly designed structures with perfectly functional interiors don't just happen. Architecture truly begins with the pre-design or programming phase of any project. Determining the requirements and goals of a new project is our first and most important task.

Our programming phase involves extensive engagement with our clients and stakeholders in a systematic process of decision-making that uncovers and prioritizes the underlying goals of a project. It helps us define the project from all perspectives and integrate those viewpoints into a comprehensive architectural program. We use a detailed analysis of interview notes, surveys, code restrictions, and all other information that needs to be considered to develop an actionable project assessment. The resulting architectural program will reflect the values and goals of the client, and provides a framework for the design process to follow.

As a project enters the design process, changes become more expensive and difficult to implement. Coordinating project constraints and design objectives in the programming phase helps prevent the costly and time-consuming adaptations that can arise during the later design steps. Our extensive architectural programming phase helps to keep the project on budget and completed on schedule.

A Dream Begins

Knowledge gives you a piece of mind and saves you money. Those are some pretty important things when deciding to design and build a structure. Feasibility studies give our clients the knowledge they need to decide if a project idea is compatible with a proposed site location. Many questions will need to be addressed, such as:

  • Can the land support the project's goals?
  • Is the surrounding community capable of supporting the infrastructure needed?
  • Are there city regulations or unseen financial hurdles that could cause issues?

These and hundreds of other questions are answered in a detailed feasibility study, giving our clients invaluable knowledge on how to move forward with their project vision.

A feasibility study is one of the very first steps in a project timeline. It is the process that investigates and evaluates the potential requirements of a site or building. The study educates all parties involved about the history of the site, its overall condition, as well as strengths and weakness of the proposed project. Ideas are developed, compared, and analyzed—allowing our clients to make informed decisions about project next steps.

We adapt our studies to fit the needs of our clients, paying meticulous attention to their overall goals, budgets requirements, and project vision. These details guide us as we develop an assessment of the different potential uses of a site and design possibilities. This assessment is communicated to the client and all other parties involved. A preferred option is then selected, and possible illustrations are produced along with evaluations, lists of possible funding sources and a fully detailed report of the conclusions are delivered. We recognize that the study is a means to gain public and government support, so we aim to produce a document that is both exact and functional.

We are uniquely positioned to take our clients from the project beginning with a feasibility study to the completion of architectural designs and building oversight.Our feasibility studies typically include:

  • Opportunities and restrictions of the designated site
  • Identify critical issues influencing design
  • Estimate capital and operating budgets
  • Determine the scope of work and all related site improvements such as roads and utilities
  • Layout a framework of future project needs
  • Build project confidence and articulate study results with in-depthdetail

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