Your Trusted Feet On the Ground

Peace of mind, that's what our Owner Representation services offer our clients. Vital to maintaining schedule and staying on budgets, an Owner Representative is an extension of the owner's staff that is tasked with keeping a project moving forward correctly. Traditionally the role of the owner's representative is held by the Architect-of-Record on the project, now it has become more common for the owner to retain a third party architectural consultant to assist with the development process.

Our Owner Representatives act as the advocate for an owner who doesn't have feet on the ground or anyone on staff experienced in the design, pre-construction, and construction phases of a project. Our goal is a smooth flow of information, and the elimination of unnecessary confusion as we guide on-site contractors and vendors. We excel in owner representation because experience has given us a host of satisfied clients with projects completed on time and under budget.

We have successfully proven to provide great benefits in maintaining project schedules and budgets while also inspiring a well-motivated team striving for the best possible results.

As an owner representative our services include, but not limited to:

  • Working with the owner to aid in city approvals of the design and construction plans
  • During construction, we will spend sufficient time on-site to ensure compliance with the design and well as recognize and resolve conflicts
  • Negotiating with city departments when appropriate
  • Advising owner regarding city regulations and approval process
  • Assisting in the payment process to ensure that the contractors are compensated for the work
  • When difficult and complicated challenges arise, we study the problem, explore possible solutions, and supply the owner with clearly defined options along with a recommended courses of action
  • Attending public hearings and speak on the owner's behalf
  • Assisting during project construction as needed, including analyzing design changes that can occur
  • Providing advice on pre-construction design changes to aid in city approval processes

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